Look4Fill.co.nz — online Clean Fill exchange

How many times have you carted away clay and payed to tip it, only to find that someone needed it just down the road from where it was?

Due to ever increasing tip fees, look4fill provides a service to reduce these fees, save truck movements and save time on jobs. The network links earthmovers across the country with who wants fill and who's carting it away.

This site is aimed to be a trade only site within the construction industry. In the future we may charge a small monthly fee to be a member to protect the construction industry from their clients being able to browse this site for free, find a contact and then deduct the fee from your price. So you can still charge your tip fees out, at a rate you decide.

To expand look4fill listings quickly, we are offering free membership for a limited time.

Remember you may only need to make one connection through Look4fill, to save $$$ which would outweigh any future membership!

Benefits of being a member:

  • Look4fill is constantly growing, making it more efficient and more useful every week.
  • Negotiate terms on supply of fill, e.g we have clean clay available or free for pick up etc.
  • Searches specific to areas enabling you to time your job with others to co-ordinate excavating & filling simultaneously.
  • Network with others in the industry on the 'NoticeBoard'. 
  • Create or view notices such as Equipment wanted, Looking for employees, Products for sale etc.
  • Get notification of new listings as soon as they appear (COMING SOON!). 

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