Worlds Largest Earthmover

Friday, April 01, 2016
This is the worlds largest earthmover seen here crossing a federal highway in Germany en-route to an open-pit coal mine.


Built by German company, Krupp, construction took 5 years and $100 million to complete.

It's said to be cheaper to move this thing by it's own power than it is to construct or reassemble it on site.

It moves on 12 massive crawlers. Each is 12 feet wide, 8 feet high and 46 feet long. There are 8 crawlers in front and 4 in back.


Weighing over 45,500 tons and standing an impressive 311 feet tall and a whopping 705 feet long, it ticks along at a maximum speed of 1 mile in 3 hours (0.33 miles per hour). 

(Daily commuting is not recommended as parking is said to be something of an issue.) 

The entire machine requires only 5 people to operate it. 


The Bucket Wheel is over 70 feet in diameter with 20 buckets that each hold over 530 cubic feet of material.

It can remove over 76,455 cubic meters of material each day (that's around 100,000 large dump trucks to bring some perspective).


The photos shows a dozer being chewed up and spat out after being left in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Getting in the way is not wise!

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